Joy the Sheep 6 year old Ewe, breeding unknown

Very sadly, we are sorry to tell you that Joy was put to sleep last week. She had become increasingly lame in her right foreleg experiencing pain when getting up from lying down and when walking. Diagnosed with arthritis in that leg she was prescribed a daily dose of oral pain relieving medication at first and when that became ineffective we gave her a course of daily injections but with little effect. As there was no improvement and no more we could do the sad decision had to be made. Joy was admitted in 2008 with Jaz, Jilly and Jelly Bean. All four came from the same source purchased privately out of pity. The lambs were in very poor condition, thin and weak through lack of food. All four had diarrhoea because of heavy worm burdens but within three months following veterinary and nursing care all four survived and, as they progressed, grew and developed into four big sheep. It seems strange to have only three sheep instead of four. Jilly in particular missed Joy to begin with as the two females were close, the “boys” being more demanding and pushy. Joy will be sadly missed by her Adopters.