Adopt An Animal



The Adopt an Animal programme is a way of sponsoring the costs of our permanent residents at SPEAR. This enables us to provide the best care possible for them and allows money raised through our other fundraisers to go towards helping another animal in need.   

You can Adopt one of our animals for only £12 per year and receive;

· An adoption certificate with a picture of your chosen animal

· AAn Adoption Pack with the story of each animal on the Adoption Programme

· AA Birthday Card (for under 16's)

· AA Christmas Card

· AAn adopters Newsletter twice a year

· VVisiting opportunities 5 times a year on SPEAR Open Days

· AFree Entry to our annual Adopters Open Day

By adopting an animal you are making a valuable contribution to the excellent veterinary and nursing care which our animals receive, together with nutritious food, giving them the best quality of life possible. Your contribution enables us to release funds to help other animals in need. In this way our permanent residents can help in the rescue and care of other sick, neglected or cruelly treated animals and also help those whose loving owners can no longer look after them.

For further information please email Karen Gray our Adoption Secretary at

Download an adoption form here!


  Here are some of the animals available for adoption: 


born in 2005. Pumpkin was found wandering in a village.   Following a near collision in traffic and being chased by dogs, he was admitted to SPEAR.  

No-one came forward to claim him.  This tiny pony is very bold and brave for his size; he is a loveable little chap.

Click here to see more pictures of Pumpkin 



 Born in 1996, had to be carried into the yard.  He was 11 months old, unable to walk due to near fatal dehydration and emaciation. He was turned and lifted to his feet every 4 hours for 6 weeks.

Miraculously he made a full recovery and at 8 years old became champion working hunter pony. He is extremely friendly and adores meeting people. See more on Jasper's Page.



 for more pictures of Teddy, go to his gallery by clicking here


 is a 10hh Leopard-Spotted Pony Gelding. He was an emergency admission case. In a dreadful state, he required 24-hour nursing care and daily veterinary treatment. 

A successful prosecution case, Teddy is a very sweet pony.


Jilly, and Jelly-Bean our remaining sheep. They were born in 2008 and were in a pitiful state when they were admitted to SPEAR. A concerned member of the public had purchased them out of pity. They were thin and weak, but recovered following months of veterinary treatment and proper feeding. They have all become friendly through frequent human contact.  



 for more pictures of pie click here to go to his gallery



Pied Piper, born 1996, was in collision with a car when a 2 year old colt. He was admitted to SPEAR for investigation and care to his injuries. His owner never claimed him.  It took months of quiet but firm handling to make this difficult youngster safe to handle.  In 2005/6 he was shown by his foster owner with much success in coloured classes.  He now enjoys a happy and fulfilled life at SPEAR being hacked out most days.  Pie is a pleasure to care for and is much loved by all at SPEAR.



                     go to Peppa and Dillons gallery by clicking here to see more pictures of them

Peppa with his companion

Dillon, our Kune Kune pigs - they are the best of friends!




11.2hh Welsh pony   gelding, born 1996.  Raffles had been won in a game of cards. His owner of two days was detained by Police for being drunk and disorderly in charge of a horse on a highway and cruelty to that animal.  

SPEAR was contacted by the Police and Raffles was admitted on an impounding basis until the case against the owner was brought to court nearly three months later.  The owner pleaded guilty and Raffles was signed over to SPEAR.


 go to Raffles gallery by clicking here to see more pictures of him




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  for more pictures of  Minnie go to her gallery by clicking here 

 A 32 inch tall miniature mare born in 2010.  She was admitted to SPEAR in 2014 after being removed from the field she was living in by an RSPCA officer. She had a substantial untreated wound on her neck that consequently had become maggot infested. Minnie was kept in nursing care at SPEAR while the RSPCA searched for an owner.

No owner came forward or was found, and ownership of Minnie was awarded to SPEAR and she was given charitable status.