Shusanah Pillinger's Transcontinental Race in aid of SPEAR


How would you feel about cycling for 14 days, totally unsupported, on a 2500 mile route that will take you across across 4 mountain tops and through countries including Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Romania, finishing in Greece. 

Well that is exactly what Shusanah Pillinger is doing, starting this Friday (28th) and she has very kindly chosen SPEAR as her charity, aiming to raise £2500 for us. Shusanah is asking that if you wish to show your support and encourage her to push a little harder over the next few weeks, a donation of £1 per country cycled through (£14) in as many days or perhaps just 1p a mile for every one of the 2500 miles (£25) she will cycle? Please take a few moments of your day to like her facebook page and read the full details of the race she is undertaking! 

We wish you all the best of luck Shusanah, thank you so much for doing this for the animals in our care!




SPEAR Adoption; Biscuit



11hh. Bay Pony Mare aged 30+

We are so sorry to tell you that we lost Biscuit recently.  She had suffered several episodes of low level abdominal discomfort which was dealt with as soon as it occurred and thankfully she made a full and quick recovery. However, this last episode was different.  Biscuit was seen promptly by her Vet and treated but progress was only maintained for 48 hours when she showed signs of discomfort once more.  Blood samples were taken which showed that Biscuit was in liver failure.  With this diagnosis we made the sad decision not to prolong the life of a very old pony, the alternative being to try to sustain her health by further investigations and drug therapy.   Having lived a feral life for 17 years Biscuit found it difficult to cope with changes of routine and we know she would have found undergoing further investigations difficult.

It is comforting to know that the last 10 months of Biscuit’s life were a happy time for her.   We gave her the care that her physical and mental condition demanded, helping her to forget many years of past neglect.

Needlessly to say we miss her dreadfully.  She was a very special little pony.


Winter Wolf Run completed by Fundraisers

Once again a team of SPEAR supporters have raised money for SPEAR, this time a total of £395.00 for Jasper's Fund!Thank you for this years efforts Emily Abbott, Gemma Abbott, Stefanie Cobb, Jade Cobb and Helen Hart. They tell us that wheels are already in motion for next years runs, plans include Wolf Runs in fancy dress as SPEAR's adoption animals and half marathons in similar attire! If anyone would like to participate as well please get in touch.


Triple The Warmth with Bespoke Bandages


We are delighted to have been chosen as the partner charity in Bespoke Bandages “Triple The Warmth” campaign! Bespoke Bandages is a small business providing high quality equestrian items including hand made fleece bandages for horses and ponies, saddle covers and rider accessories. There is a wide range of fun, fabulous colours, patterns and bespoke options. Bespoke bandages also offer a made to order service, with the buyers imagination being the only limit! £1 from each sale of the fleecy headbands, snoods and under-riding hat ear warmers goes towards helping the equines and other animals at S.P.E.A.R. So by buying a product from this range you will be keeping yourself warm this winter, contributing to the warmth of the animals at S.P.E.A.R and getting a warm fuzzy feeling inside from helping others – hence triple the warmth! 
Please follow the links below to go to Bespoke Bandages website or Facebook page...


Congratulations Ticket Winners!

We have announced the two winners of the pairs of Your Horse Live tickets on our facebook page! Names were drawn from a hat yesterday... click here to go to SPEAR'S page and find out who the lucky winners are... 

Thank you Claverdon Gardening Group

On the 13th of September we were invited to Claverdon Gardening Groups produce sale. We took our stall and one of our ponies along to promote SPEAR's work for horses and ponies in desperate need. Riki greatly enjoyed the lovely weather and Claverdon grass! Thank you for supporting us Claverdon Gardening Group 



Not only have we been lucky enough to have been chosen as YOURHORSELIVE's charity for the 2014 show, but we have also been given 2 pairs of Adult Tickets to give away as a prize! 

To be in with a chance to win, go to and Like our FACEBOOK PAGE and Share the competition post. The competition winner will be announced on 21st of September on our Facebook Page... good luck!




We took Jasper and the SPEAR fund-raising stall* to the 'Animals R Magic' event at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Hanbury in July. Jasper enjoyed the day enormously and made many new friends (see photos below).  Jasper is a very sociable pony and he always attracts a great deal of attention so we were able to tell  his remarkable story over and over again to promote SPEAR's work for horses and ponies in desperate need.

*we take the SPEAR stall out most weekends during the spring/summer season, please see list of locations on the Events Diary page and come along to support us.



The Wolf Run is a run with a difference-  the 10 kilometer course is made up of raw natural terrain; open countryside, woodland, lakes, thick mud, and a combination of natural and man made obstacles! On the 15th of June seven runners, Team Canis Lupus, completed the Wolf Run challenge at Stanford Hall, Leicestershire and raised a total of £572.00 for S.P.E.A.R.  The runners were not put off and plan to complete The Winter Wolf in November with hopes of matching the total raised. Canis Lupus would like to wish a huge thanks to everyone who donated to S.P.E.A.R!


JOY the Sheep


6 year old Ewe, breeding unknown.

Very sadly, we are sorry to tell you that Joy was put to sleep last week.  She had become increasingly lame in her right foreleg experiencing pain when getting up from lying down and when walking.  Diagnosed with arthritis in that leg she was prescribed a daily dose of oral pain relieving medication at first and when that became ineffective we gave her a course of daily injections but with little effect.  As there was no improvement and no more we could do the sad decision had to be made. Joy was admitted in 2008 with Jaz, Jilly and Jelly Bean.  All four came from the same source purchased privately out of pity.  The lambs were in very poor condition, thin and weak through lack of food.  All four had diarrhoea because of heavy worm burdens but within three months following veterinary and nursing care all four survived and, as they progressed,  grew and developed into four big sheep. It seems strange to have only three sheep instead of four.  Jilly in particular missed Joy to begin with as the two females were close, the "boys" being more demanding and pushy.  Joy will be sadly missed by her Adopters.


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