Our 100 Club is a monthly draw for cash prizes. At our fundraising meeting every month we randomly select three names to win First, Second and Third prize.

The 100 Club was set up to provide feed for all of the animals in our care. £12 will buy 6 bales of straw or 3 bales of hay or 5 sacks of carrots or 2 sacks of chicken feed or one 20kg bag of Sixteen Plus Mix or one 20kg bag of fibre sugar beet etc. Prizes are drawn monthly, first prize £20, second prize £10, third prize £5.

 It is never too late to join our 100 Club, if you're not already a member why not join straightaway - it's just £12 for a full year's membership giving you chance to win every month! To download an application form please click here

 100 Club Membership Form 


  May 2019 Winners

1st prize (No 10)  John Latham

2nd prize (No 62)  Judith Pillinger

3rd prize (No 100)  Colin Pike


 April 2019 winners were:

1st (156) Glynnis Howard, 2nd (49)  Pauline Allwood, 3rd (70) Irene Warren


Thank you to the many monthly draw winners who very kindly give their prize money back to support the work done by SPEAR. Thank you also to the 100 Club members who have renewed their membership again this year.